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28 Moika
4 Gorohovaya
14 Mayakovskaya
32 Mohovaya
16 Stremyanaya

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Address: 27 Moika Embankment
Nevsky Prospect
85 Euros
110 Euros

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2 + 2

This is a beautifully renovated 4 star apartment just a 3 minute walk from the Hermitage and 5 minutes from Nevsky Prospect. It is located along the famous Moika Canal - a street full of beautiful houses and palaces. Alexander Pushkin lived just across the canal. The apartment has a very safe courtyard entrance. It is equipped with a jacuzzi, satellite television and everything that you need to make your stay in St. Petersburg as comfortable as possible. It is also located right near the Neva Embankment making it a perfect starting spot for strolls along the river.

  • Coffee maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Electric tea kettle
  • Iron
  • Jacuzzi
  • Microvawe
  • Music center
  • Satellite TV
  • Washing machine
  • Surroundings

    This part of the historical center of the city is known as the Golden Triangle. In Tsarist times, the majority of nobility lived in this area in palaces – most of which still exist today. Nevsky Prospect, the main thoroughfare of St. Petersburg is a short walking distance. The Neva Embankment with its spectacular views of the city islands is also not far. If you have the opportunity, stroll along the embankment or along any of St. Petersburg's famous rivers and canals – Moika, Canal Griboyedovna, Fontanka to experience the full beauty of the city. Other sites nearby are the Palace Square, the Hermitage Museum, the Russian Museum, the Field of Mars, Summer Gardens, Savior on the Blood Cathedral, Kazansky Cathedral, Dom Knigy (the House of Books located in a magnificent building). There are also many interesting shops including Gostiny Dvor and Passage along Nevsky Prospect as well as good restaurants and nightlife. If you are in the city during the white nights season, between mid May and mid August, don't miss a chance to stroll along the embankment and watch the many bridges across the Neva rise – it is really a spectacular site that you will never forget.

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