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Russian Visa Support

We can help you obtain a Russian visa with our visa support services. We will issue a Russian visa invitation you will need to bring to the Russian consulate in you city to obtain a visa for a fee of 30 Euros per person.

Foreign travelers should register their visas during three workdays of their arrival. Not registering your visa can entail fines upon leaving the country. Registration cost 25 Euros per person.

Transportation Services

We offer transfers from airports or railway stations to your hotel, apartment or office in St Petersburg. The transfer fee is 30 Euros per car one way from/to the Pulkovo domestic/international airport or 30 Euros per car one way from/to the railway terminal.

Cell Phone Rental

When in St Petersburg you can rent a GSM-standard cell phone to make calls within Russia or international calls. Our rental fee is 10 Euros per day. We can give a reduction when you pay for the week. In this case the rental fee will be 50 Euros and 5 Euros for each additional day. Air time is extra charged. You may pay for communication services yourself or ask us to add air time to your account.

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